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Stylish, Vibrant, Gender-neutral DesignAbout Us baby

We believe kids' clothes should be colorful and playful - the kinds of things they want to wear again and again. We also think that dividing animals, objects and hobbies into "girl stuff" and "boy stuff" is silly, so we design things that both girls and boys can love. Jessy & Jack's mission is to breathe new life into your little ones' wardrobes by designing refreshing new motifs that go beyond traditional themes and bring smiles to all kids' faces.

Natural Fibers, Soft Inks, and Maximum Comfort

We always, always choose the coziest option for your little ones. We believe babies and toddlers are most comfortable in soft, breathable, natural fibers, so all of our clothes and accessories are made of 100% cotton. When we print on garments we use non-toxic, eco-friendly, waterbased inks. Waterbased inks soak into natural fibers and dye the fabric, so they don't have that rough, plasticy feel you often notice on kids' garments. The inks are soft and breathable, leaving the shirt super soft. We also print the labels inside our garments instead of sewing in tags because that's what we think feels best to babies and toddlers.

Giving Back

We believe businesses should make more than just a profit - they should also make positive contributions to their communities. So we donate a portion of every sale to a women and children's shelter serving moms, babies, and kids in need.

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We'd love to hear from you! You can email us at jessyandjackllc@gmail.com .

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Come join the party! Vote on potential designs, participate in contests, get sneak peeks of future products, behind-the-scenes glances at how our business runs, and VIP promotions. We love, love, love it when you post pictures of your little ones in Jessy & Jack stuff and tag us. That makes us smile all day long. When we get pictures from customers we really love to add them to our Cuteness Hall of Fame on Facebook and share them through other social media channels, so if you send us a picture, please let us know if it's okay to share it!

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Kickstarter Backers
A wonderful community of friends, family, friends-of-friends and strangers helped fund the launch of Jessy & Jack. We will be forever grateful to the generous and wonderful people who supported this idea from the beginning. Our gratitude and respect for our early supporters drives us to hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards and make our backers proud.

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