How To Remove Cancellation Fee In Swiggy

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How To Remove Cancellation Fee In Swiggy

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It is essential to learn the process of how to remove the cancellation fees in order to avoid this fee when using the Swiggy app. This fee can be avoided by canceling the order within the app before the restaurant confirms the order.

  • Log in to your swiggy account
  • Scroll down and click on ‘cancel order’ type in
  • Go to the ‘my orders’ section
  • Find the order you want to cancel and click on it

There are a few things to consider when trying to remove a cancellation fee in Swiggy. The first is the reason for the cancellation. If the cancellation is due to a mistake on the part of Swiggy, then it is likely that the company will be willing to remove the fee. However, if the cancellation is due to a customer error, such as ordering the wrong item, then Swiggy may not be as willing to waive the fee. Another thing to consider is how

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cancellation Fee Of Swiggy?

There is no uniform cancellation fee across Swiggy. The cancellation fee could range anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 100, depending on the restaurant and the time of cancellation.

Does Swiggy Refund Money For Late Delivery?

There is no Swiggy refund policy for late delivery. However, the company may offer a credit or coupon to customers who have experienced a delay.

Can You Dispute A Cancellation Fee?

Yes, you can dispute a cancellation fee. If you dispute a cancellation fee, the credit card company will review your case and determine if the fee was valid. If the credit card company determines that the fee was not valid, they will refund the fee to you.

In Closing

If you are a Swiggy customer, you can cancel your order without any fees. Just make sure to do it within the designated time frame.

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